St. Bonaventure University Students in Money Management (SIMM) is an experiential learning program in which students manage a real investment portfolio.

It offers undergraduate students the opportunity to:
* participate fully in all aspects of the portfolio management process
* learn and apply equity valuation techniques
* network with alumni and other business professionals
Under the supervision of Stephen Horan, Ph.D., CFA, professor of finance, several students from a variety of educational backgrounds are exploring portfolio management theory and reinforcing their theoretical knowledge by participating in the active management of an actual investment portfolio. SIMM consists of the instructor, the president, the portfolio manager, the auditor, the information officer, and 12 analysts. An Advisory Board, consisting of donors and alumni, provides general oversight and advisement regarding broad policy decisions, such as establishing and refining an Investment Policy Statement, periodically reviewing fund performance, and establishing and refining Security Analysis Requirements.
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